Memory foam vs latex vs innerspring , what’s best for me

memory foam vs latex vs inner spring mattress (pros and cons)

Many people ignore sleeping in their daily routines, due to this; there is a development of a variety of diseases in our body. Therefore, it is advisable that everyone gets a night of good and comfortable sleep, and one of the best ways to get better sleep is to have an appropriate mattress with you. You should, therefore, go for a mattress that goes in line with the environment; the mattress must also suit your body type as well as your sleeping posture. And that is why we have decided to talk about foam, spring and latex mattress from which you will be in a position to decide on the one that you feel suits all your needs.

Foam mattresses

memory foam

They are considered as a part of poly foam, In some cases, you will find these mattresses being very reasonable as well as comparatively low in quality, the poly foam is normally used as a top layer for the spring mattresses, this is because it helps in providing durability. This type of mattress also helps in providing ample support, however, it is not considered as the most ideal because it does not provide support on the pressure points. This foam normally sinks rather than contouring, however, people who are overweight, as well as those who sleep on their sides, find it the most ideal type of mattress.


If a foam mattress is made of high density, it will be in a position to easily provide weight distribution. This is basically the reason why it is used as a top layer for spring mattresses.

This type of mattress is very durable, this is because of their high density, these mattresses are normally cheap and still last longer, this is basically the reason why they are still in the market. Foam mattress is light in weight, and even the thickest is not as heavy as you would expect, they are very easy on the beds.

For people who are overweight, they can go for the thicker mattresses, this is because this version of mattress helps in providing support to those people who are overweight.

The mattress also comes in a variety of firmness, and the firmness is determined by the density of the mattress.

This type of mattress is also in a potion to relieve pain by reducing the pressure points.

If you have a partner then this is one of the best mattresses you can ever choose, this is because it has the ability to absorb motion.

It is also a mold, bacteria, and allergens resistant.

It also helps in aligning the spine and also provides back support.


This mattress is not suitable for bedtime activities, this is because they are not much bouncy and normally compress. Therefore, if it used for bedtime activities, its lifetime also tends to reduce.

It is an uncomfortable mattress to use during summer; this is because it has the ability to retain body temperature.

Since this mattress contours to body shape, it, therefore, provides less support.

New foam mattress usually produces a chemical smell that is very strong.

Spring mattresses

Spring mattresses

These types of mattresses are made with a series of spring mattress that helps in providing support to the person sleeping on it. The spring’s top layer is usually made from any kind of foam, even if it is memory foam. And these foams help in providing the mattress with an added layer of comfort as well as providing support to the lumbar. A spring mattress is cheaper than other types of mattresses and also suitable for different types of sleepers. This type of mattress is naturally ventilated and they also do not compress for a long time because they can instantly come back to their original position. People who live in warm areas, this is the ideal mattress for them and they do not also come with odors.


Spring mattresses come with separate springs that work on both sides of the mattress. This is basically the reason why this type of mattress is intimacy friendly.

This type of mattress is naturally ventilated, it, therefore, provides the sleepers with a cool environment to sleep, it has a series of spring which provides it with the ventilation property.

They also help in providing partial support, and they also do not sag over time, they also permanently take the sleeper’s shape and always bounce back, and this is because of their springs.

This type of mattress is very durable, however, in most cases, its durability is determined by its top layer, the springs last for a long time, but if the top layers are of low quality then it might just tear apart.

They do not have any kind of odor; this is because they do not contain any type of synthetic material.

This type of mattress is also very cheap. Due to its ability to bounce, it is the best mattress for all of the bedtime activities.

This mattress also comes in variety, so one has a variety to choose from

And it is also readily available in the market.


Many people find this mattress very comfortable; however, it does not have a proper weight distribution.

This mattress has a lot of room; this, therefore, creates a conducive environment for the development of bacteria as well as dust.

They are very heavy; this is due to the metals that are inside the mattress.

Since they are a variety of them in the market, choosing the right one is a hard task.

The materials of the coils in the mattress might as well absorb odors which are not pleasant while sleeping.

Latex mattress

latex mattress

Latex mattresses normally exist in two versions, the natural ones, and the synthetic ones. This mattress always provide comfort to its sleepers, it is also hypoallergenic, this is because of the natural ones, the synthetic ones are a bit cheaper than the natural, this, therefore, makes them the most popular ones. Latex mattresses have good ventilation, this, therefore, makes them the best choice for those people who sleep warm and then end up waking up hot. People who are overweight can as well opt for this type of mattress, this is because it has a high density, and it is also very stable. This is just the best mattress to go for if you are allergic to many things, the natural latex will provide you with a night of peaceful sleep.


This mattress provides its users with good breathability, with this, the sleepers will be in a position have a peaceful night.

It can as well adjust to one’s body shape easily.

The mattress is very firm, it provides users with support and it is also very comfortable.

It has no smell either, especially the natural one which is 100% environmentally friendly, this, therefore, makes the safest mattress to use.

The mattress is very durable this is because of the material which it is made from.

Since it is hypoallergenic, it does not provide a good environment for the development of mold, bacteria, or accumulation of dust.

Since it is also properly ventilated, the sleepers are sure to have a cool sleep through the entire night.

It does not have harmful chemicals because it is made from natural materials, however, the synthetic ones might have just slight odor.

With a latex mattress, you can enjoy your bedtime activities without worrying of permanently ruining your mattress


  • Heavy

This type of mattress tends to be heavier than the other types of mattresses. All mattress differ in term of weight, this is mainly due to different types of materials that are used to make them. Overall though, this type of mattress can require little more effort for one to move it from one point to another or lift it. However, this is not something to get you worried about this wonderful mattress as you won’t be moving the matters each and every day. You will only have to move it when you want to shift from your room or when changing the beddings.

  • The cost

A latex mattress is a bit more expensive than the other types of the mattress like the coil or polyurethane form mattress. However, this should not put you off; the extra cost that you will incur here will simply mean extra value for your money. A latex mattress is more durable which means part of the extra costs that you will be paying to acquire one will meet the cost that you would otherwise incur in replacing your mattress from time to time.

Another point to take on this extra cost is the vastly improved performance. With the latex mattress, you will be able to enjoy your sleep with healthier body support in a more hygienic environment.

Above are the best types of mattress that you can choose from depending on your tests and preferences. The best way to find out how your body will respond to each type of mattress is to spend a little time on each mattress, just take your time and lay on each one of them. You can also visit showrooms to find the science behind how your body responds to different types of mattress. You can also consult a specialist to help you find the best mattress for you.

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